Life on Earth’s Cold Shoulder – Film

The talented folk at the University of Derby’s Media Team have whipped up this short introduction to the fascinating world of glacier microbes. We hope it makes you question whether icy landscapes really give life the cold shoulder, or whether what appear to be lifeless zones are actually sites of abundant microbial activity!

UPDATE: We’re very proud to announce that this film received a BUFVC award in April 2015! See here for details…

I am extremely grateful to the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund, Andrew Croft Memorial Fund and Scottish Arctic Club for supporting field work in 2014. Furthermore, everyone at the Dark Snow Project are sincerely thanked for sharing field resources at S6. Thank you also to the UoD Media team, in particular Hannah Davies and Matt Howcroft, who put loads of time and effort into making this film!

For more information, see the literature in this cryoconite bibliography.

The Dark Snow Project contributed to this project by sharing their camp at S6. See their webpage at
We are grateful to the Dark Snow Project for sharing their camp at S6 in summer 2014. See their webpage at for more info.