Today I found my name in the following paper:


I was contacted by the author several months ago when he requested two images of mine to use for some work on cryoconite. I sent them, thinking I was doing a good thing by helping a fellow scientist, unaware of his track record as a conspiracy theorist. I was stupid not to background check before responding. Today, I was surprised to see that the images have been used in a paper that claims that there is a conspiracy to create synthetic cryoconite and air-drop it onto glaciers to speed up their melting. I had absolutely no idea my images would be used for this ridiculous purpose and I am embarrassed to have my name anywhere near it.

My opinion is that the evidence presented does not support the conclusions drawn in the paper. That my name is printed in it is in no way an endorsement from me. The enlightening reviewer comments are available to view online at the journal webpage.


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